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Kids Program robots in the Germantown area

I am wondering if there is a class for kids in the Germantown area that teaches them how to program robots? My child is in elementary school, and she went to a summer camp this year, but the programming class there didn’t touch robots.

Leslie in Germantown

Kids Computer Programming in Rockville

I am looking for a kids computer programming class in the Rockville area. My children are 8 years old and 10 years old. Do you have any such offerings?


Coding camp for summer camp in Gaithersburg

I have an 8 year old boy, and a 12 year old girl.  Can you tell me about your coding camp that you hold in the Gaithersburg area?  What is the part about ukuleles?  And do you have anything for summer camp in Rockville or Germantown?


Matt in Gaithersburg

Summer camp with computer programming for kids in Gaithersburg


I am looking for a summer camp with computer programming for kids in Gaithersburg.  My children are in 3rd and 5th grades (they are 9 years old and 11 years old).  Do you offer any kind of summer camp experience?  Is it full-day or half-day?  And since my husband and I work, is there before-care and after-care offered?  Thanks a lot!

Sarah in Gaithersburg

Summer Camp In Gaithersburg

Hi Panda Programmer

I see on your website that you are having a 1 week summer camp at Rachel Carson ES and Stone Mill ES in Gaithersburg. Is this summer camp open to all students? Or does the student have to be enrolled in that school?


Martha from Germantown

Summer Camp Activities

Hi Panda Programmer

I see that you offer a variety of other activities for your summer camp. Do you have to choose only one activity or can my child choose to do more than one activity?


Eric from Rockville

Summer Camp at Rachel Carson

Hi Panda Programmer

I heard that you will be offering a 1 week summer camp at Rachel Carson ES in the Kentlands (Gaithersbug) this summer. My child is currently enrolled in your after school class. Will they be continuing from where they left off, or will they be learning the material from the beginning?

Thank you

Jason from North Potomac

Summer Computer Camp in Germantown or Rockville

I am wondering about your summer computer camp. Are you located near Germantown or Rockville? What computer language do you use to teach the kids coding? My child is 10 years old.

Mary in Germantown

Summer Camp at Rachel Carson ES

Panda Programmer:

I heard that you will be offering a 1 week summer camp at Rachel Carson ES in the Kentlands (Gaithersbug)  this summer.  But what is the deal with the foreign language and musical components to this camp?  Are they required of the campers?  I love the idea of coding camp, but don’t understand the foreign language and music part…



North Potomac

Gaithersburg area Summer Camp for coding


I believe you offered a summer camp last year (2015).  Do you plan to offer summer camp in 2016 as well?

Natalya in Gaithersburg

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