Online Classes and Camps

Online Offerings

Panda Programmer offers both online camps AND online classes.  What’s the difference?  Good question!  We hold online camps for an entire week, Monday through Friday.  Each half-day session is 2 hours 45 minutes long.  We hold online classes on a particular weekday, for 3 consecutive weeks.  Each online class is 2 hours in duration.  Is one entire week or one weekday per week not enough coding for your child?  Many people enroll in multiple days per week (for online classes), and/or multiple weeks during the summer (for online camps) to create the “perfect” schedule for their child and lifestyle.  Discounts apply to multiple such signups.  Please see below for more information on our camps and classes.

Online classes

Online classes are another format of learning offered by Panda Programmer.  During the summer we are continuing to offer our online classes every day of the week. Classes are 2 hours long. Choose how many times per week you would like for your child to attend the online classes, they’re very flexible. Email us or sign up for the online classes at any time.

We offer our online classes from 3:30 to 5:30 pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays we offer our classes at 10 am and at 1 pm Eastern Time. We use our standard individualized curriculum and the same experienced teachers to teach children at home. Returning Panda Programmer students will pick up right where they left off in our classes or camps. New students can start at the beginning of our curriculum or be placed at an appropriate section of our curriculum for their skill-set and experience. Students use GoToMeeting and need a laptop or desktop computer with a microphone and preferably a camera and headphones to participate.

Online classes consist of 5 or fewer students per teacher so we are able to ensure that each student gets enough personalized one-on-one instruction regardless of skill level. Our experienced Panda Programmer teachers lead our classes and we use the tried and true Panda Programmer curriculum for the topics of Scratch, Python, and JavaScript. The fee for a 3-week session is cost-effective-  The rate is $109.50 (3 classes, 2 hrs each).  If you missed the start of a class, just sign up for the next 3-week session- the curriculum is individualized so no one is ever behind on assignments.

Feel free to create the schedule that works for your child-  Since the coursework is individualized, your child will make progress and learn one day per week, 3 days per week, 5 days per week, or any other combination that works best for you!  Any additional day(s) are discounted by 10% when you make a multi-day schedule.

Online Summer Camps are here!

Our online Summer Camps are a mixture of coding, fun, exploration, academics, coding, and fun! Half-day sessions go from 9:45 am to 12:30 pm, or from 1:45 pm to 4:30 pm. Full-day sessions are both half-day sessions put together.

Summer Camp Costs

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One week of Half-day Online camp is $250
One week of Full-day Online camp is $380

Summer Camp Discounts

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10% off for siblings attending the same Online camp
10% off for multiple camp registration

Specifically, the morning schedule is:

Campers gather together in one big video-chat room for morning announcements, crazy kid or pet tricks, sharing stories, and whatever else we need to do together to start off the day.

We group campers together according to coding ability/experience into small video chat rooms to work on Scratch, Scratch JR, Python, or JavaScript. One experienced Panda Programmer teacher is in charge of a room of up to 5 students. Students receive instruction, work on projects, offer show and tell, and take a couple of fun breaks during class. Breaks will consist of “dance parties”, trivia games, Kahoot games and more.

We re-group campers by grade level into small video chat rooms for refresher work in Math and English. Content is aligned with the MCPS curriculum. Many parents have expressed interest in making up some of the lost time experienced in the MCPS Remote learning arrangement. Don’t worry, Panda Programmer makes academics FUN! And for those parents who don’t find the academics appealing, just let us know and we can have your child code during this time instead.

The afternoon schedule is the same:

Questions? Feel free to e-mail us at or call us at 443-26-PANDA.

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