Panda Programmer Pod

For the 2020-2021 MCPS academic year, Panda Programmer’s classroom in the Kentlands is available for your pod.

What are Pods?

Pods are designated locations for a small group of students to get together for remote MCPS learning in a clean environment while maintaining social distancing. Additional benefits include camaraderie and optional extracurricular activities. Panda Programmer is making its classroom in the Kentlands available for your pod.


Safety is the top priority

Pod safety is priority #1 with regular cleaning/disinfecting, compulsory mask use, and social distancing, pods can be a safe place for kids to concentrate on their MCPS remote learning.

Included with the Panda Programmer Pod:

Contact us at 443-26-PANDA or email us at  for pricing.  

Reasons you may want to use our space:

Important Concern to keep in mind:

In the world of the Corona virus, there is no 100% guarantee that your child will not get sick at our location. But with the proper precautions  we believe the risks can be minimized.

Location Our Panda Programmer classroom is a county-licensed facility, located in the Kentlands at 216 Main Street, Suite 200. In “normal times” we teach 18+ children in our classroom. With our socially distanced arrangement, we accommodate 10.

Safety precautions for a pod include:

Pods are better with friends! We encourage you to prioritize your children’s friends when setting up your pod.

Coding Classes are Panda Programmer’s specialty!  If you would like coding classes to be part of your pod, just let us know- Your children can take as many coding lessons as they want to, during the downtime from MCPS remote learning.

Custom Pods – You are in charge.  You choose your pod members, staffing, and enforce your own rules.  We simply provide the (licensed) space for you to use.

How do I arrange this for my pod?

Call or email us at 443-26-PANDA or email us at