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Panda Programmer:

I heard that you will be offering a 1 week summer camp at Rachel Carson ES in the Kentlands (Gaithersbug)┬áthis summer.┬áBut what is the deal with the foreign language and musical components to this camp? Are they required of the campers? I love the idea of coding camp, but don’t understand the foreign language and music part…



North Potomac

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  1. admin

    March 15, 2018 at 9:57 pm

    Hello Linda,
    Thanks for your interest in our Panda Programmer summer camp- Yes, we are offering 1 week of full-day camp for kids in grades K to 5. We will teach them coding for half a day. For the remainder of the day (we don’t want them on computers the ENTIRE time!) they will have the following options for their time:
    – foreign language
    – music
    – summer homework
    – outdoor activities and sports
    – additional coding practice

    If a camper (or the camper’s parent) is not interested in one or more of the options above, no problem. He/she can simply do the others. Hope this helps clarify-

    Panda Programmer

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