COVID-19 Changes

First and foremost, we hope everyone is well and staying healthy as COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to spread. We at Panda Programmer are committed to the safety of our staff and students during this time.

Our 2 offerings that are most relevant during this time are our Pods and our Online Classes.  Please learn more about the Panda Programmer Pods here.

Our Online Computer Programming classes are a great way to learn coding remotely.  The online classes use the same individualized curriculum and experienced teachers as our traditional after-school classes. Students use video conferencing software and need a laptop or desktop computer with a microphone and preferably a camera and headphones. You can pick which weekdays to sign your child up for classes and we will make sure they don’t repeat lessons even if they sign up for multiple weekdays. We welcome all new and returning students!

And, as of June 15, 2020, our summer schedule has been updated. For more information on our online classes and summer camps: Click Here



Program!  Learn Computer Science!  Children ages 8 and up ARE old enough to learn computer programming.  And with our K through 2nd Grade curriculum we are teaching students as young as 5!  The staff at Panda Programmer/Coding Club teaches kids the joy of coding computers by helping them program their own customized animations and computer games. Our students have a blast, while we guide them and help them learn graphics, control structures, and more all within a solid event-based model of computer programming.  Panda Programmer focuses on Elementary school students, while Coding Club focuses on Middle school students.

We Teach Kids To Code

Panda Programmer/Coding Club provides a multi-disciplinary approach in teaching computer programming skills to children. We utilize mathematics, logics, teamwork, problem solving skills, and creativity to help children learn coding. Once introduced to computer programming, our students pursue it with incredible enthusiasm.  “Instead of just PLAYING video games, have your kids DESIGN and PROGRAM them!”  

Recreational gaming is not part of our program- The focus of Panda Programmer is on creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication. We’re teaching our students to create their own games, animated stories and personal creations-


Show and Tell at Panda Programmer

Our classes are a combination of college seminar (in terms of open discussions, presenting and defending one’s own work, and collaboration) and Montessori classroom (helping one another, flexible curriculum and focus, and collaboration). Our on-going classes accept students of all backgrounds and experience levels, bring up to speed those of whom have less experience, and assimilate all students as they share ideas, collaborate on projects, and practice true computer science and coding skills.

We teach girls & boys the fundamentals of coding by making it fun. Our hands-on, project-based approach wins rave reviews from parents & kids alike-

In our classes we cover:

– Animation and graphics design

– Events-driven processing

– Control structures

– Serial vs. parallel execution of code

– Variables

– Debugging

– Cartesian coordinates

– Modifying and augmenting existing games

– Designing, creating, and programming new games

Prerequisites: None! Our classes are designed to be a fun educational, hands-on experience that combines a child’s passion for computers with top instructors and exciting curriculum to create amazing things. All Panda Programmer classes are meant to be enjoyed by children ages 5 and above without any previous experience. Coding Club classes are meant to be enjoyed by students in grades 6 to 8, also without any previous experience.  Students with intermediate skills will be challenged with more advanced tasks.Badge

Our motto is:  “Instead of just PLAYING video games, have your kids DESIGN and PROGRAM them!”

Why study with us?

There are lots of reasons to learn computer science with Panda Programmer and Coding Club.  Some of these include:

* Every student is provided with his or her own computer on which to work

* We have small class sizes-  Classes are typically limited to 18 students maximum

* Student to Teacher Ratio:  With one Lead Instructor and one or more Assistant Instructors, the student to teacher ratio is always low

* Affordable- Our hourly rate is under $18.50 per hour.  (And that includes a computer for each student)

* Fun!  The staff at Panda Programmer is dedicated to making the study of computer programming fun!


Summer Camps

Summer Camp 2020

Panda Programmer is offering both ONLINE camps and classes for the summer of  2020. For more information Click Here


Not sure what to do about the school shutdowns?  Click here to learn about Panda Programmer’s offerings during this challenging time.